Aquis Hair Towel Review

Aquis Hair Towel Review – Shampoos, conditioners, and masks are typically the first items that come to mind when we think of hair care. Total hair treatment, on the other hand, is unlikely without proper drying. Your hair can be made or broken depending on how you dry it.

I love towel drying and air drying my hair because it’s fast and gentle on the hair. The only problem is that it isn’t the most powerful, particularly if you have thick, full hair. It can take hours to dry on certain days!

Aquis Hair Towel Review

Aquis Hair Towel Review 2021

This AQUIS hair towel review will focus on the brand and its most popular products. We’ll also consider customer feedback, include information on current promotions, and answer some frequently asked questions. Continue reading to see if their goods are worth purchasing.

AQUIS has a line of revolutionary hair care products, such as quick-drying towels, turbans, and other restorative items.

The company’s mission is to work with your hair’s biology to restore its elegance, power, and strength. Their systems are designed to save you time from pre-wash to drying.

aquis original hair turban

aquis original hair turban

Overview Aquis Hair Towel

The Aquis Hair Towel is made of Aquitex, a special lightweight ultra-absorbent fabric. The fabric is made up of 80% polyester and 20% nylon, and it’s “woven into channels that move water away from your hair easily and uniformly,” halving drying time (, 2020). In addition, Aquitex absorbs water five times faster than cotton.

It also has a shorter pile than fluffier body towels, allowing it to hug our hair and absorb moisture more effectively. Furthermore, the revolutionary microfiber fabric is made to be extremely absorbent.

aquis original hair towel review

aquis original hair towel review

Aquis Hair Towels are also available in two sizes:

  • Regular (towel size 19′′ x 42′′) – for short to shoulder-length hair
  • Long – for hair of a longer length (towel size 19′′ x 52′′)

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After considering everything, this AQUIS hair towel review concludes that their towels, turbans, and hair items are well worth the price.

Fewer than 10% of customers were dissatisfied or criticized the towels’ effectiveness, indicating that their products are effective.

It’s on the pricey side, with towels and turbans costing more than $20, but these are supposed to be long-lasting luxury pieces made from high-quality materials.

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What are your best ways to use AQUIS?

It’s simple: after you’ve washed your hair, gently squeeze out any excess water. Then, just as with a normal bath towel, turn your hair over, wrap the towel around your head (being careful not to over twist your hair), and either tuck the towel’s end at the nape of the neck or let it hang loose. Wrap your hair in a towel until it is wet to the touch, then blow dry or air dry it before styling.

How do Aquis hair towels get clean?

Before using, give it a good wash. Machine wash on gentle cycle with warm water and a small amount of liquid detergent (use only non-chlorine bleach if needed). – Do not use powder detergents, fabric softeners, or detergents containing phenol derivatives, borax, sodium chloride, or anti-foaming agents.

best aquis hair towel

best aquis hair towel

Is it possible to sleep with a hair towel ?

For an effortless, balanced look, sleep with a microfiber towel on your head and fluff your hair in the morning. If you have textured hair, use your favorite styling cream before wrapping it. Special hair-wrapping towels are available.

Is it possible to sleep in an Aquis turban?

Twist the turban until it’s snug but still comfortable, then fasten the loop to the button at the nape of your neck to keep it in place. Turn the turban inside out, charmeuse side against your hair, when you’re ready for bed. It’s a close second to lying on silk.

Is it true that microfiber towels are bad for your hair?

Since microfiber towels absorb water quickly, less tugging and pulling of your hair is needed. The fact that microfiber towels do not damage hair is their main selling point. Hair strands aren’t snagged or tangled by the smaller fibers, resulting in less friction and breakage.

In summary

It’s very easy to wear because it keeps my hair safe and eliminates the need to rub it with a towel. When I remove it, the volume at my roots remains, which is normally minimized by wrapping in a normal towel.

Despite its high price tag, this luxurious hair towel has been a game-changer in my haircare routine: my drying time has been cut in half, relying mainly on this towel and a few other items that I’ll share in future posts.