Clickasnap Com Review. Is it Legit ?

Clickasnap Com Review. If you like photography, you like to shoot your food, the landscapes you see on your trip, the portraits of your friends. The platform Clickasnap can give you both a chance to earn some additional cash. Just upload your best picture, then share your pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and more. You can only get cash from the view of people.

We’ll find out this in my review of Clickasnap today. Let’s begin by knowing what Clickasnap is about and how it works.

Clickasnap Com Review

What is Clickasnap?

This site is located in the UK and is available to members from all over the world. It is the world’s largest site that offers amateur photographers an income chance while earning a bunch of extra bucks through posted images. This site helps users to receive payments for their views.

How does the site work?

All the users must share their photos after sign up for their content on this website. Users are paid for each time the images are viewed by someone. The users earn money from the site’s total revenue. The user and viewer need not pay to download the picture or even view the images.

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The free account makes it possible for you to do it. You will earn a payment any time someone views your images, but a view is counted when people look at the image for at least five seconds. That doesn’t count as a view if anyone clicks on your work for a second. Five seconds suggest that somebody took the time to enjoy the photo.

The free account also has an upload limit: 7 images a week and a total of 100 photos. You must upgrade to a pro account to get unlimited upload and have benefits such as allowing you to promote your images and other resources and bonuses. The cost of the Pro account is £ 3 per month.

How much can you earn?

Clickasnap allows you to earn in many ways, as discussed above.
  1. Prints of your photos can be sold,
  2. Enabling consumers to download them digitally.
  3. Any time anyone views a picture, they get paid. They’re going to offer you $0.0018 per view. But remember not to send your photos to bot traffic, or you’ll be banned. Clearly, it is not permitted.

Is Clickasnap Legit?

We had found that the site has mostly positive reviews in which customers said it was a lovely website where their images could be monetized. The site contains a lot of great pictures and video links to help users get the best pictures. The platform’s ratings are high and consumers highlight how valuable it is for new opportunities. You can also add links to your social profiles and your blog so that you can deliver traffic to your websites and get the traffic.