Clickearners Review. a Scam or Legit ?

Clickearners Review. Perhaps due to its flexibility, you want work online, whether full or part-time. That’s what I like about it – wherever you want, you can work, house, coffee shop or car whenever you like it to be, you can.

The overflow of internet jobs has made free heavy reliance much over the last few years. Platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are perfect for freelance workers, but to find jobs you need a great portfolio. When I signed up for these sites, I had no new work and had no suitable resume and portfolio.

Clickearners Review

But is Clickearners the answer to that? Are they legit?

Well, today I’m going to review what’s Clickearners, Is Legit or Scam, Customer Reviews, and at last I’m going to give you a Clickearners Review summary.

What Is is a website where you can learn how to be a virtual assistant and get paid from home to do freelance jobs, assignments, and projects. As shown on this website,  you can work from wherever you like and pick your hours.

You’ll find ClickEarners is not what a typical job portal does if you look at the site. It’s a digital (from ClickBank) product and before you get to see it, you need to pay a fee. If you’re as shocked as I am that they charge you a fee, then you may also consider it a bad sign.

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Is ClickEarners a Scam?

This is most likely that is a scam. Per se, maybe not a scam, but it probably falls into the category of shady and scammy ones. I have no trust in this website at all. But it wouldn’t be right to make conclusions.

You will not earn by joining ClickEarners, they will earn from you instead. Only go straight to the online work site where the link leads and sign up for free instead of paying for accessing certain job links.

ClickEarners Feedback

I find some reviews from on,, and some other review sites, mainly a negative review and say that is a scam. As you can see, some users have even complained that the web is scary. They claim they were ignored as soon when they paid a subscription fee.

Final Verdict

My conclusion is a scam and very low trust score & ratings, based on several proofs that I have given you in my review. Keep safe and always look for a review. is one in a row that doesn’t really matter. You should try freelancer authority platforms such as fiver, freelancer, Upwork, etc.