FixMeStick Review (Pros, Pricing, and Features)

FixMeStick Review. Now I’ll talk FixMeStick’s pros, features, and pricing model to help you make an informed decision before purchasing. It has almost no exceptional characteristics. Remember however that it was not intended to be a conventional virus removal device (FixMeStick Virus Removal Device).
Fix Me Stick Review


About FixMeStick

FixMeStick is a USB device plugged into a computer. It scans your network until it starts booting and the antivirus starts running on your computer. It is a safer method since the rootkit cannot hide if it doesn’t run.

FixMeStick Pros

FixMeStick is not your typical virus removal tool. It offers some incredible features which allow viruses and malware to be removed that some popular yet useful antivirus applications can’t.

FixMeStick complies with free programs and other antivirus solutions. If you find it difficult to clean a PC that has been infected or if other antivirus solutions are costing you a bomb, FixMeStick should be your choice. Another reason for preferring FixMeStick over other antivirus solutions is to use the software and the online customer help desk quickly.

Fix Me Stick Review

FixMeStick Pricing

There are three different choices for FixMeStick antiviruses.

  1. Trial 30 days — 9.95 dollars
  2. 1 year home license – $59.99 (Windows 3 PC licenses and unlimited scanning)
  3. 1-year pro license – 299.99 dollars (unlimited scans and PC/Windows installs) 

FixMeStick Features

FixMeStick is not one of the cleaner registries that worsen the efficiency of your computer or bring more malware into your device. It’s not an assault and to ensure that you can read FixMeStick’s online reviews of customers who already have used the antivirus and enjoy its benefits. The following explains FixMeStick’s core product features:

  • The ability to detect viruses that move via the active web safety program (anti-virus software) in files.
  • The ability to scan computers from a cold boot, battle dangerous viruses or malware on PC.
  • Scanning systems using an updated virus database of three popular anti-viral tools.
  • Works with a simple framework and no installation of software is necessary. Just 512 MB of RAM and you’re all set.
  • Will automatically identify and connect to a cable or wireless network before scanning, so that virus engines can be updated.