Knetbooks Review. How it Work and Legit or Scam ?

Knetbooks Review. Are you looking for where to borrow books? Knetbooks has provided it.
In this post, we’re going to do a brief knetbooks review to help you making the decision, but before we get started, here’s the content table below for an overview of what you can expect in this article.
Knetbooks Review

About is a 2009 website intended to help users rent extremely expensive textbooks at a fraction of the cost, to save money while still learning for students’ classes.

This platform aimed to provide college students with an alternative, offering them a website to rent textbooks that are easy to use. Since then, they have been one of the primary sources of affordable textbooks for students worldwide.

KnetBooks, Legit, or Scam?

This is not a scam platform. This is a legitimate place where students and other scholars may rent token textbooks and return them afterward.

The only thing is that all of these people are not satisfied with them. Any unhappy customer with online, who have explained their bad experience. These experiences are often quite similar, indicating a problem process and poor service.

The negative reviews usually concern the prices charged by this platform when a book is returned late.

How Does It Work?

Knetbooks is a simple textbook renting website that allows students to browse books and add books to their carts.
Customers searching for books can go to their website and type in the book you are looking for using the Title, Author, Keyword, or ISBN number.

If you’ve found a specific book that you’re interested in finding, you’ll pick a specific version of the text to verify if it’s the copy you choose to rent, and then continue adding to cart or check out.

Knetbooks Costumers Review 

Here are some KnetBooks customer feedback taken from the TrustPilot.

Knetbooks Positive Customer Review

Easy Process!
Easy, intuitive process. I have used KnetBooks in the past and they have always delivered on time and schedule.

Mary Dunford
good rental books
Easy to purchase and easy to send back although the book was a bit late last time compared to when they said it would arrive when I ordered it.

Easy process finding my book as well as…
Easy process finding my book as well as cheaper price than competitors.

Knetbooks Negative Customer Review

Olivia Heale
Terrible Customer Service
Book was great, but customer service? Horrific. I can’t recommend.

Carol Lopez
Shipping is horrible!
We ordered two books, one finally arrived a month later, the other hasn’t.
If you’re offering these books then you should have them in your warehouse.

Elizebeth Skye
DO NOT PAY FOR EXPEDITED SHIPPING!!! I paid for a 2-day rush and didn’t get my book until a week later. When I called to get my money back they said “the 2-day shipping only applies when the book becomes available to send out to you so we can’t give you your money back” ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!