Kordell Stewart Net Worth

Kordell Stewart Net Worth. Nicknamed the former U.S. football player “Slash” Kordell Stewart was born on October 16, 1972, and played for the National Football League (NFL) for eleven years.

Stewart was the 60th player to be picked in the 1995 NFL draft to attend the University of Colorado. In 1994, playing for Colorado, he began his “The Miracle at Michigan.” pass in overcome the University of Michigan 27–26.

Kordell Stewart Net Worth

He places the fourth all-time with 38 rushing touchdowns in NFL quarterback (with 58), behind Cam Newton (with 58), Steve Young (with 43), and Jack Kemp (with 40).

He has also been named the NFL Network number 6 of NFL History’s 10 most versatile players. He mainly played quarterback, but for a year also played a wide receiver.

Kordell Stewart Net Worth

Kordell Stewart Net Worth

The former NFL Quarterback Kordell Stewart has a net worth of $16 million. Kordell Stewart earned his net worth in the NFL as a Pittsburgh Steelers player, Chicago Bears, and Baltimore Ravens for years. His largest professional contract for five years was 27 million dollars. He was one of the most overpaying players in the NFL.

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Stewart has been on television since leaving the NFL in 2005, including Deal or No Deal and most recently The Real Housewives of Atlanta with his wife Porsha Williams Stewart.

Kordell is a post-game analyst for ESPN and several radio programs. He was also a United Football League sideline reporter.

Kordell Stewart NET WORTH: $16 MILLION (2021)

Kordell Stewart Properties

Kordell kept all his property after his divorce from Porsha Williams. There are two houses in Atlanta, two land plots ($1 million and $950 000).
His houses are amazing. One costs more than 1 million dollars and another 950 000 dollars. Both have large and light bedrooms, a modern bathroom, and guest house pools.