Modlily Review, Legit or Scam ? Read Costumer Review

Modlily, what is it?

Modlily is a China-based online wholesaler that provides super low clothing prices. Modlily offers resellers and individual shopkeepers a wide range of clothes. Categories of models include clothes, skirts, topping, bathing, swimming suits, extra-sized, jewelry, etc.

By purchasing directly from Manufacturers, they can keep their prices low for the customer and retailer. Modlily ships to over 200 countries worldwide, including in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, as an international retailer. is a Legit or Scam clothing site?

In all, Modlily is a legit-owned Chinese shipping business in 150 countries, and ratings 5.3 out of 10 since many clients complained about bad customer service and the delay in shipping on orders from Modliy feedback.

The Modlily ranking with the Better Business Bureau when this review is published is an F, perhaps confirming the issues we have just mentioned.

Although some clients complain about the quality of the products they have ordered, it is unreal to expect the quality of luxury at their prices.

Again, the consistency of the products they sell is not as advertised according to customers. Therefore, you have a very high risk of having a half-baked deal on Modlily.

While some Customers still leave a positive feedback to Modlily that the site is a wonderful place to get trendy clothes at an affordable price.

Modlily Customer Review

Here are some Modlily customer feedback taken from the BBB, TrustPilot, and SiteJabber


Modlily Positive Customer Review

Kathryn J
My blouse is perfect
My blouse is just like the picture and fit beautifully! I have gotten so many compliments on it!

Nancy Kio
I ordered 4 shirts recently
I ordered 4 shirts recently. I order a lot and the thrift store gets a lot. These fit perfect!! This is my new favorite place to clothes shop!!!

Good but overpriced
Fabric is great but cheap. Polyester and spandex. Buttons are spaced too far apart and I get gaping at the front of the dress. Will get some eye hooks to fix this. I can see why buying from this website can be hit and miss. Much better than Wish, but not as good as Birds Nest, which is about the same price.

Angela R.
Got it when they said looks great
Ordered 2 swimsuits was not sure about the company decided to take the risk. Ended up EXTREMELY pleased. Decent quality for the price. Fit is amazing on both suits one is a 3x the other a 1x for daughter. Could not be happier with the purchase. Arrived when they said told me it would. Down fall is it did take a long time but if your willing to wait for it I then do it. It’s worth it and we knew it would when we bought them they were upfront about it!

Modlily Negative Customer Review

Products not as expected
I have amended my review since Modlily’s customer service team have been in touch. They have responded to my situation very efficiently and have compensated me for my purchase. I bought 3 tops last month but was disappointed regarding the quality when I received them. The cost of sending them back to the USA was very expensive so I was rather critical of the company. However Modlily have been in touch and have reimbursed me just under 30% of my purchase. I appreciate the their quick response and the compensation.

joseph j.
Ordered a bathing suit 2 months ago and still have not recieved it. On July 24th they said it was sitting in port at Los Angeles. Was not told it was coming from CHINA. The worse part my vacation already came and gone. I am having my bank cancel this charge. Will never order ANYTHING from Modlily AGAIN!

Buyer beware…
They sent the wrong sizes and they look totally different from pictures on website… still waiting on my refund (6 months later) and NO customer service…..its a joke…typical Chinese rubbish