Ned Luke Net Worth 2020-2021

Ned Luke Net Worth. Born on 4 October 1958 in Danville (Illinois), Ned von Leuck is an American actor, well-known for VOICE ACTOR, who has been best known for his role as Michael De Santa in the 2013 Grand Theft Auto V video game.

Ned Luke Net Worth


Ned Luke Carrier

He is one of the top stars in the cartoon industry of today. He has voiced cartoons such as ‘Rover Dangerfield’ and video games. In films like ‘The Professor of Nutty’ and ‘American Gothics,’ Ned has played. He has also worked in TV shows. For eg, in the series ‘The Huntress,’ he played the role of detective Ellard.


Ned Luke Net Worth 2020 – 2021

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To attain net worth, the present value of the assets must be counted.  The voice and the physical actor,  Luke has acted in 29 films and TV shows and has also appeared in more than 100 publicities. His successful net worth of $5 million in January 2021 is an explanation for his successful growth. His revenue is primarily due to his popular voice acting. Its net growth has increased significantly.