Richard Branson Net Worth

Richard Branson Net Worth. Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, born on 18 July 1950, is a business magnate, investor, author, and former philanthropist from England. He founded the Virgin Company in the 1970s, which today controls over 400 companies in different fields.

At a young age, Branson expressed his intention to become an entrepreneur. A magazine called Student was his first business venture, at the age of 16.

Richard Branson Net Worth

Richard Branson’s Net Worth

Very quickly, Richard Branson made his fortune and earned his first million by the age of 25. Richard Branson’s net worth came from his company empire, including Virgin Megastores, Virgin Airways, Virgin Mobile, and, more recently, Virgin Galactic.

Along with his music industry, retail and transport, and humanitarian work, he has become an international figure.

As of 2020, the estimated Richard Branson’s net worth is $4 billion.

The net worth of Richard Branson made him the owner of many luxurious properties, including his beloved Necker Island, available for lease or rent. The Boss of the Virgin intends to take his often-seen face to space. Virgin SpaceShipTwo, which he claims would revolutionize commercial space travel, recently debuted.


Richard Branson Net Worth

Richard Branson’s Properties

In 1976, for $180,000, Branson bought the 74-acre Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. It was uninhabited at the time. He planned to construct a resort within five years or the island’s ownership will return to the state. He achieved that goal and you can rent the island for around $65,000 a day today. That brings you two private beaches, swimming pools, tennis courts, a personal chef, and 100 employees. Necker Island is potentially worth well north of $200 million today, if any price were to be considered.

Richard Branson owns a private jet called Falcon 900EX and Richard Branson, a yacht mogul, which can accommodate 10 people at a time.


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