Rokblok Review

Rokblok Review – The RokBlok is the world’s smallest portable record player and Using it is the coolest way to listen to music.

Occasionally, a well-written article or analysis will get straight to the heart of a subject in only a single line of text.

Such was the case with the RokBlok, which TechCrunch summed up in one line: “It’s cute as a button, clever as hell, and totally ridiculous.”


How does the RokBlok work?

The RokBlok V1.5, as you would imagine, lets you listen to all those 33 1/3 and 45 RPM vinyl you’ve been drifting. This cool system blends vintage and modern technology to enable you to play records on any flat surface.

Audio is provided by a built-in analog speaker, and Bluetooth network allows you to connect the RokBlok to a wireless speaker or headphones of your choice for even better sound (within 30 feet). To begin playing, simply position RokBlock on a record and lift the control lever. That is everything there is to it.

This small portable record player is just 4″ x 2″ in size and has a rechargeable battery that offers up to four hours of playtime. It’ll be a hit at all those socially distant picnics this summer (PSA: wear a mask), and it’ll be just as good for lounging at home.

Rokblok Review

Rokblok Review

Who owns RokBlok?

Logan’s second product, RokBlok, was developed at his Pink Donut start-up. He desired more control and independence in his career, so he set out to create and design creative and revolutionary products. He learned how to engineer from YouTube videos and spent $2,000 of his own money on the prototype.

In December 2016, he launched a Kickstarter campaign after realizing he needed more money. He had earned more than $350,000 for his RokBlok project by the time it was over. On December 3, 2017, during the ninth season of Shark Tank, he made his debut. He was considering offering the Sharks $300,000 in return for a 15% interest in RokBlok.


The gimmick gadget astounded the billionaire hosts. Perhaps if they had done their research, they would have been less entertained. The Record Runner and Soundwagon are two examples of wireless record players that have been around for decades and are frequently shaped like toy cars.

Pink Donut is an idea company that produces items that aren’t tied to any particular market, medium, or genre. They make stuff here. There are various items. According to Logan, “things that you enjoy and want to share with others.”

rokblok vinyl player review

rokblok vinyl player review

RokBlok was an immediate hit, despite the fact that the first few products he produced through his Idea company Pink Donut were not as popular as he had hoped.

A Kickstarter and Shark Tank success story has resurfaced in the news but for all the wrong reasons this time.

The RokBlok is normally $99.99, but with this deal, you can get it for just $89.99. But, let’s face it, it’s already adorable and fun enough to sell for twice as much.

How About RokBlok Review Today?

RokBlok appears to be as smooth as a jazz record as of 2020. Their website is up and running, with glowing feedback from Business Insider and a slew of social media followers. Their success, however, was not without a few needle scratches.
Orders for RokBlok skyrocketed after the Shark Tank episode aired, which is unsurprising. RokBlok went from selling 3-4 units per day on average to selling 100-200 units per day after the episode.

RokBlok’s momentum was shattered by a single negative YouTube review and a single Reddit user. “I’m surprised the Shark Tank guys really believe this. This seems to be complete nonsense. One Redditor asked, “Who would buy one of these things?”
One comment reads, “The sound from the player is tinny, and the device’s pace while playing is inconsistent.”
That isn’t to say that people won’t buy it. A small number of Redditors still believe there is a demand for this vinyl assassin.

How much is RokBlok worth today?

As of 2020, this is estimated to be worth between 10 and 20 million dollars.