Sig Hansen Net Worth, Bio and Career

Sig Hansen Net Worth – Captain of the fishing vessel F/V Northwestern, Sigurd Jonny “Sig” Hansen (born April 28, 1966) is an American. Hansen has appeared in every season of the documentary television series Deadliest Catch since 2005, as well as serving as a technical advisor for the production.

deadliest catch sig hansen net worth

deadliest catch sig hansen net worth

About Sig Hansen

On Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, we all know Sig Hansen as the captain of the Northwestern fishing vessel. According to the show’s Facebook page, the captain never lost a sailor to the rough seas.

Hansen was destined to be a fisherman from birth. Fishing was in his blood since he was a child, and he learned the trade while working on his family’s boat in Alaska and the Bering Sea. Hansen worked his way up from deckhand to relief skipper aboard his father’s ship as a teenager before being given full command of the Northwestern. Hansen has never looked back since becoming captain at the age of 24 and has guided the Northwestern to several good fishing seasons.

Captain Sig Hansen’s net worth is derived from his work as a fishing vessel captain, author, and personal television appearances, as well as his income from the television show Deadliest Catch. Before his teenage years, he worked as a deckhand on his father’s ships, proving himself to be a reliable and steady presence at sea, a move that contributed significantly to Captain Sig Hansen’s net worth.

Hansen allows cameramen on his vessel to film his crew during the fishing season since he is a cast member and star of The Deadliest Catch. Hansen has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as a guest and co-wrote a New York Times bestselling book, in addition to his television career.

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According to Wikipedia, before he was a teenager, Hansen worked as a deckhand on his father’s boat, working his way up the ranks. He became a “relief skipper” at the age of 22, taking over for other captains on the Northwestern and doing short-haul stints on other vessels in the fleet.

He took over Northwestern full-time at the age of 24. The boat has grown into a top producer with an outstanding safety record; in the nearly 20 years Hansen has been at the helm, there has never been a single death at sea, and its serious accident rate is considerably lower than other boats in the Bering Sea fleet.

The Northwestern dominated the final derby seasons in 2005 for King Crab and 2006 for Opilio, bringing home the titles for both the highest poundage caught and the highest dollars received among the featured boats on the Deadliest Catch. During the king and opilio crab seasons, as well as the pot cod fishery on the Northwestern, Hansen has been the full-time captain since 2011. Edgar and Norman, his younger brothers, are the deck boss and deckhand, respectively.

Sig Hansen net worth 2021

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sig Hansen is worth $4 million. He sought other ways to profit from his celebrity status, according to the Seattle Times. He’s written a book, lent his voice to Disney’s Cars 2, and appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, among other things.