The Night Portrait Book Review


About The Night Portrait

Author: Laura Morelli

Publisher: William Morrow

Published: 2020

Genre: Historical Fiction

Pages: 384

Rating ( 4/5

The Night Portrait Synopsis

Milan, 1492: When the Duke of Milan’s mistress becomes a 16-year-old beauty, she must struggle for her place in the palace and against those who want her out. Soon, she finds herself seated before Leonardo da Vinci, who, by drawing his most daring portrait to date, wishes to establish his own spot in the Ducal Palace.

Munich, World War II: She sacrifices her life to retrieve it, collaborating with an American soldier, part of the popular Monuments Men team, to get it back after a humble conservator inadvertently places a priceless Italian Renaissance portrait in the possession of a high-ranking Nazi leader.

In the tide of history, two women, separated by 500 years, are swept up as one painting stands at the center of their search for their own destiny.

The Night Portrait Review

The Night Portrait is a fictional work, but the story of Leonard da Vinci’s painting and his theft during the Second World War is real. Author Laura Morelli is doing an outstanding job of going from one time to the next. The opulence of the Renaissance era was well juxtaposed with death and devastation during the Second World War. This is not your standard book of the Second World War, when we witness the creation of an epic masterpiece painted about 500 years ago. And how just 75 years ago, generations of great sculpture, like the Lady of the Ermine, were almost lost forever.

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