Tom Anderson Net Worth

Tom Anderson Net Worth – Tom Anderson, an American entrepreneur, has a net worth of $65 million dollars as of 2021. Anderson and Chris DeWolfe co-founded the social networking website Myspace in 2003. He later served as Myspace’s president and a strategic advisor until his departure in 2009.

Anderson proved early on that he had talent in the fields of computer science and engineering. He hacked the computer system at Chase Manhattan Bank when he was 13 years old.

Anderson went on to the University of California, Berkeley, to study English and Rhetoric, as well as the University of California, Los Angeles, to study Critical Film Studies.


Anderson began his career in technology in 2000 as a product tester for XDrive, a digital storage company. He met Chris DeWolfe there, with whom he would later co-found Myspace.

In the early 2000s, XDrive went out of business, and Anderson and DeWolfe went on to found Myspace in 2003. It was influenced by Friendster, but Anderson and DeWolfe took it a step further by allowing Myspace users to use nicknames and aliases, which were not permitted on Friendster.

Myspace had risen to become the most popular social networking site in just three years. Since he was everyone’s first default friend on Myspace, Anderson became a recognizable face for people all over the world.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation paid $580 million for Myspace in 2005. Anderson stayed on as the president of the company.
By 2008, though, it was obvious that Myspace was on its way out. Facebook gradually surpassed Myspace as the most popular social media platform, and Myspace’s user base dwindled.

The popularity of “Tom from Myspace” results from his many marketing and business projects. He joined the company “RocketFrog Interactive” as an advisor after leaving MySpace in April 2009.  Also in 2009, he made his acting debut in the comedy film “Funny People,” which stars Adam Sandler, one of the highest-paid comedians in the world.

This is what Tom from Myspace is doing now

Anderson has been enjoying a quiet retirement away from the headlines after formally leaving MySpace in 2009. Along with amateur photography, he’s built an interest in distressed real estate and, by all accounts, has made a tidy profit flipping houses in Las Vegas.

But he hasn’t ruled out a return to the corporate world in the future. “I’ll never say ‘never,’ because I like the thought that something will happen more than anything else. I’m not sure where my life will take me. “Adventure and the unknown have always piqued my interest,” he told But, for the time being, he’s not in a hurry. Who can blame him, after all? We wouldn’t be either if we had $60 million in the bank.

Tom Anderson Myspace Net Worth

Tom Anderson is an entrepreneur from the United States and the co-founder of the social networking site MySpace. MySpace has grown in popularity and now has over 100 million users.

Tom Anderson’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million by 2021.

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