Vbreathe Review

Vbreathe Review – The VBreathe company has developed the groundbreaking new smart air purifier, the V3, that organically removes indoor mold, bacteria, and heavy particles. The V3 is live on Kickstarter and has already exceeded its raise target on the first day, making it a breakout crowdfunding success story.

This is a smart air purifier that eliminates mold, bacteria, mosquitoes, and heavy pollutants from the air naturally.

vbreathe air purifier reviews

vbreathe air purifier reviews

The Vbreathe V3 air purifier’s function can be managed and set automatically using a smart device via Bluetooth and Wifi. Hepa filters will eliminate 99 percent of 1um fine dust. Fine particles as small as 0.1 m can be removed using organic VActive gel.

VActive, a great combination of natural organic Australian essential oils combined to create incredibly powerful protection against mold and bacteria, is VBreathe’s own organic gel technology. By combining Hepa filtration and their patented Organic VActive Gel, the V3 will remove up to.1 micron of hazardous airborne microbes.

vbreathe product review

vbreathe product review

As polluted air is introduced through the lower fan and air that has risen through the Hepa filter is discharged, the clean air is discharged along with the VActive gel in the structure where the air is washed.

Furthermore, the V3 is fully compatible with smart home platforms such as Apple’s HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa, among others. It also comes with an iOS and Android app that helps users to keep track of the air quality in their immediate area. When the air quality in the vicinity of the V3 deteriorates, users can receive an immediate warning on their devices.

Vbreathe Customer Review

Here one positive review that I find in productreview.com.au/

The product was well-made and beautifully packed, and it arrived on time.

I used the opportunity to ask questions online before purchasing it, and I was always promptly answered. It’s a stylish device that will blend in with any home decor. It’s also extremely compact.

I had to have a few things clarified to me as an older person, particularly regarding the app, but that’s just me! Lily was extremely helpful in promptly responding to all of my inquiries. Excellent customer support!

The advantages include much smoother, cleaner, and mildly scented air. Within a day, I noticed a reduction in congestion, particularly at night, as a long-term sinus sufferer. I’ve switched to night mode and am no longer bothered by the sun.

This is a fantastic product. It comes highly recommended!

v breathe Price

The price of a smart air purifier is $690.00