Wonderdads Review

Wonderdads Review – WonderDads, a company that helps thousands of busy Dads have more extraordinary experiences with their kids, is led by Jonathan Aspatore. He also owns and operates two other businesses, serves as an assistant college tennis coach, and is thankful for the opportunity to be a father to two sons.

WonderDads was founded in 2012 by Jonathan Aspatore to help millions of Dads enjoy their children’s childhood years through our website, books, and gifts, online subscriptions, and creative “Dad Hacks” including Daddy Day, Annual Dad Plans, and Dad Visioning.


Wonderdads Review

Wonderdads Review

We believe that being a father is wonderful, difficult, and all in between, particularly when juggling work, home, and other responsibilities. So we decided to do something about it and founded a company dedicated solely to providing support and guidance to other fathers on this incredible journey known as fatherhood.

We are excited to accompany you on your journey, as the childhood years will pass us by in a flash…

But you’ll remember you took advantage of them!

WonderDads offers a deliberative forum for planning, implementing, and investing in the moments that will positively affect a father’s relationship with his child.

A WonderDads subscription is a perfect way to assist the company’s Dads in maintaining a work-life balance. There has never been a resource for Dads in the workplace but now is the time, with today’s generation taking an increasingly active role. WonderDads is the single most effective way to show the company’s Dads that you care.

Wonderdads Review

The WonderDads Way Book

The WonderDads Way, a book, published in 2016. The culmination of four years of study and thousands of imaginative Dad’s hacks from busy fathers has resulted in the best-selling Dad’s book on Amazon.com in less than a month. We quickly realized that much more than a book was needed…

The WonderDads Way gives you the motivation you need to start having more extraordinary moments with your kids while still giving you the peace of mind that you did everything you could to be a better Dad. It’s never too late or too early to invest in creating incredibly enjoyable and unique experiences with your children, whether you have a newborn or a middle-schooler.

You’ll have spent 91 percent of your time with your child by the time he or she turns 12. Consider this… At the age of 12, they tend to spend more time with their mates, and by the age of 15, that is all they want to do. When they turn 18 (hopefully! ), they’ll be going to college, and you’ll just have college vacations and holidays to look forward to. This book will assist you in making the most of your child’s childhood years

For more ideas for Dad/child games, sample travel itineraries, reviews, and other motivational ideas that will make you a hero, go to WonderDads.com.